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L'homme derrière la caméra


First and foremost, I am a documentary photographer. My passion for photography was born in the street, while living in Canada (one of my many past lives). There I discovered the excitement of photographing people, their place in the world and what connects them. I mainly use my creativity to capture my family and my friends, who are my favorite subjects. 

I am married to Anastasia. Our shared love for travel has allowed us to live all kinds of adventures, from the fjords of Norway to New Mexico, via Austria and the Vendée. I am also the father of a 3-year-old girl named Timothée who fills my days with happiness (among lots of other emotions). Like any photographers' daughter, there are more photos of her first 18 months on Earth than of my 37 years of life. 

I love Star Wars, country music, pizza, Meg Ryan movies, Star Wars, dancing to the Fast & Furious soundtrack with my daughter, playing The Last of Us with my wife, and Star Wars.

When I'm not photographing you, I take this kind of photos:

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