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Vivez votre mariage. Puis revivez-le.

You have picked the perfect dress, the sharpest suit.

You have invited those dearest to you, without whom this party would not be the same.

You have brought your families together to share an unforgettable moment in a unique place.

You have planned everything to leave room for emotions, laughter and tears.

This day is you. So are your photos.


I am a documentary wedding photographer. My goal is to capture your wedding in a natural, authentic and unadorned way.

You are here because you are looking for beautiful images of the two of you, but also candid images that tell how your loved ones enjoyed sharing this moment with you.

There's so much going on that day that you won't necessarily be able to see everything. From the morning prep to the last dance, I will do my best to capture each of these moments that you will enjoy watching or discovering, then sharing and passing on.

Why hire a professional photographer for your wedding?

  • To document this unique moment: you have been planning your wedding for months. Highlight your efforts with images that will accurately reflect the emotions experienced during that day.

  • For your guests: let them fully enjoy the event and create their memories without having to worry about capturing them. I will take care of it.

  • For your story: along with your wedding rings, the photos are the testimony of this unique moment shared with your families, which you will be happy to pass on.

Why choose documentary photography for your wedding?

Documentary photography can be defined as a journalistic method with creative eye. This natural, unposed approach allows me to capture the emotions and atmosphere of your wedding without interfering with the flow of events.

I know how to blend in to capture real moments, but I also enjoy interacting with your guests to find a place at the heart of the action and capture spontaneous reactions. This is what I call making yourself visible to become invisible.

This allows me to create a visual narrative of your wedding and offer you timeless images that tell your story with real emotions.

Photos mariage

Let's talk !

Full day coverage starts at 1600€

This package best helps tell the story of your wedding, from the bridal/groom prep to the first dance.

In order to best meet your expectations and your budget, shorter or longer coverage is available, as well as optional sessions (engagement session, day after, etc.).

I'm looking forward to hearing from you and about your wedding plans.

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