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Inspired by real life.
Your life.


Let me guess : you love taking photos of your loved ones but you never appear in the photos? You dream of hanging pictures on the wall that tell the story of your family but dread going to the studio? Are you worried about not feeling like yourself in coordinated outfits and getting pictures that look like everyone else's?

As a documentary photographer, I offer a non intrusive approach to make images that tell your story. Each session is a stress-free experience, at your own pace, in the places that are dear to you. My images have a natural, timeless aestethic, and you will enjoy re-watching them, sharing them and passing them on. 

Your family is built upon those little daily moments: the magic kisses that heal all bumps and wounds, the family snuggles on Sunday mornings, the cakes you bake together...

These are the moments that make up the memories of tomorrow. We always say that they go by to quickly, that we haven't savored them enough, that we would like to be able to relive them.

These are the moments that I want to capture for you to cherish.

What is documentary family photography ?

  • Ethics:

Documentary photography can be defined as a journalistic approach with a creative twist. As a documentary photographer, I will not modify the course of events. I will interact with the children, chat with the parents, I will even gladly share a snack with your family. But I won't interrupt your activity, I won't direct you, and I won't move your furniture (or your children). Unlike "lifestyle" sessions, my aim is not to create beautiful images from scratch, but to document your daily life faithfully, 

  • Your family history : 

Whereas studio photography shows your family, documentary photography tells your story. My images are a reflection of your daily life in its most beautiful way: spontaneous interactionssincere feelings, strong emotions. My eye is always on the lookout for light, composition and timing. These are my tools to capture the different aspects of your daily life and in a truthful and authentic manner.

  • The ties that bind your family

Documentary photography is all about revealing what makes your family tick. Taking the time to get to know each other will help me tell your story faithfully. The resulting images will be honest, sometimes touching, often moving. Indeed, documentary family photography focuses on showing the personalities and relationships that make up your family in a sincere and beautiful way. The ties that bind you are unique and fluctuate over time, which means that two sessions with the same family at two different times will never tell the same story.


I consider family documentary photography to be my specialty and my passion. These sessions are a unique opportunity to capture the milestones of your family life: a new baby, a family tradition in the making, a Sunday just like any other... through natural and non-posed images. You plan your day and I'll take care of capturing the beauty of your family and all those little moments that you will find hard to remember as your children grow up. Sessions can take place at any time of the day, based on what you think matters to you at this time.

All packages include fine art prints that you will enjoy looking at, gifting and passing on, as well as all of your images as digital files, both in web and HD format that will make it easy to share and print.

All digital files are licensed for personal use.

I am based in Lyon and will travel for free within a 50 km radius. I can also meet you anywhere in France and beyond, travel costs will be calculated on a case-by-case basis.

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  • 2 hour covergae

  • All your photos in web and HD format

  • 1 fine art print (15x20 cm)

These short sessions are a great way to discover what documentary photography is all about. Capture one of your favorite activities, at home or on an outing to your favorite place.


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  • 4 hour coverage

  • All your photos in web and HD format

  • 2 fine art prints (15x20 cm)

These 4-hour sessions allow you to document real life moments and highlight the little things that are specific to your family. These longer sessions allow me to grasp even more precisely the relationships between the members of your family.


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  • 10 to 12 hour coverage

  • All your photos in web and HD format

  • 5 fine art prints (15x20 cm)

A full-day session allows you to illustrate a whole page of your story. Sessions start just before your children wake up to when they fall asleep. Capture your life as it happens at this stage, with its ups and downs, lulls and rushes, routines and adventures.


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