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Create your images.
Tell your story.

Have you received or purchased a great camera but you don't dare leave the Auto mode?

Your photos are not up to your expectations?

Want to give impact to your images?

Do you want to document your family life in a natural way, in a style that suits you?

Take control of your images thanks to simple and modular workshops to rediscover the pleasure of photography and capture the magic of your family on a daily basis.

These workshops take place in the place of your choice and are based on theoretical content as well as direct practice for a quick start.

Exit from
self mode

To obtain quality images that meet your expectations:

  • familiarize yourself with your device

  • discover the main principles of the exhibition

  • understand the different settings and their effects

1H - 50€

Create some
strong images

To reinforce the intention of your images and give them more impact:

  • discover the basics of composition

  • analyze your photos to better understand them

  • practice 

1H - 50€

his family

An introduction to documentary photography to tell your family on a daily basis in a natural and playful way:

  • the main principles of storytelling

  • inspiration  for creative photos

  • what to do with your photos then?

2H - 100€

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