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Living (from) your passion

What is this project about?

More and more women and men have chosen to make their passion their job. I want to meet them to portray their experience, through a series of portraits.

Who are the subjects of this project?

All those who live from their passion, whatever their field of practice: crafts, sport, gastronomy, design, mechanics, illustration, agriculture, research...

Why such a project ?

Inspired by creative and passionate minds, I recently made the choice myself to want to live from my passion for photography. I, in turn, would like to encourage other people to take the plunge and try the adventure of a passionate profession by showcasing those who have already taken the plunge.

Why now ?

The events of recent years have prompted many people to question the meaning of their work and rethink their priorities. Teleworking, self-employment, freelance work, allow as many people as possible to realize a desire that until recently seemed impossible. I aspire to bear witness to this reality.

And concretely, how does it work?

Each meeting is centered on the creation of an environmental portrait seeking to highlight the person as well as their work: other images may be added to this initial portrait: details of the work, contextualization plan, classic portrait. The person's testimony will enrich the images: their journey, their successes, the difficulties encountered.

Where can we see the pictures?

This project is above all a personal approach. The reports will be published on my site, relayed on social networks (with the agreement of the participants individually). In the event that other broadcast channels are added, each and everyone will obviously be consulted. 

How can we participate?

You can contact me by email atcontact@mathieuchauveau.frto participate directly, or forward this project to other people who might be interested.

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